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Victory triggers sidewalk yelps & autos become glee-mobiles
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ALMOST EVERY car that went through the intersection of Cottman and Frankford avenues last evening beeped its horn, waved a Phillies flag or just plain yelled out the window - making the crowd that had converged scream even louder.
Phillies fans had waited 14 long years to make this much noise and after the Phils' big win over the Washington Nationals yesterday, they were silent no longer.

A sea of red and white washed over all four corners of the Mayfair intersection as police officers
controlled the swarms of people.

At Harrington's Pub, Pat McMahon and Matt Heath took the party outside for some fresh air.

"It was a great pitching performance by Jamie Moyer, Jimmy Rollins cemented his MVP, and Charlie Manuel is the manager of the year. That's all you need to know," Heath said.

"The Phillies are number one today, the Eagles can just take a break," Heath added.

As a SEPTA bus drove by, McMahon added: "Even the bus says Go Phillies. It's Philly at its best, man."

The Modell's sports-gear store on Cottman Avenue near Bustleton was also full of Phillies fever.

Derrick Morgan, regional marketing manager for Modell's, said once the last out was recorded Modell's employees sprang into action stocking the store with National League East apparel.

"It's already been pumping out and people are still flocking to it," Morgan said.

"Within 10 minutes of the win today, people were in here and were loading up on stuff."

During the chaos outside, some fans quietly observed the happy crowds while others leaped into the fray.

Dennis Gannon, a more-subdued observer, stood atop a metal bench behind the noisy intersection.

"Jimmy Rollins got on base right away and then stole two bases," Gannon said. "What a way to start! It couldn't have been any better."

It was enough for some that the Phils had won the National League East, but there was mixed opinion on whether the team would continue its winning ways in the postseason.

"We have the best-hitting team in baseball," said Gannon. "Not necessarily the best-pitching team, but if hitting prevails, then we could take it all the way."

"No way are we going all the way, we are definitely going to choke," said Martin, a fan who declined to give his last name.

But Joe Nugent, another reveler, saw the Phils going all the way.

"Not if the Phillies win but when the Phillies win, you aren't even going to be able to walk down here."


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